Tail Blazers

No. Runs Numbat
1000 Tippy Toes (Life member)
900 Randy Bubbles
700 Yibbiddee, Cyclone Kneecaps
600 Sticky, Soixante Muff

Elma Fudd, Wandin, Saurass, Udder One, Jabba Jaws


So Help Me, Jag Dag,  Dot Com, Holy Cow, Peanuts, Blue Vein, Not Telling Ya, Speedy, 2 Noice


Eveready, Hangman, La La, Easy, Knickerless, Tsunami, Ping Pong, Carefree, Jiggy Jiggy D-Cup, Two Tits, Legless, Slut Top


Receding Hareline


How to set a run

The first rule of Hash is that there are no rules however . . . .
You might like to keep the following in mind when setting a run.

For the Hare

  • If it is your first run, seek the advice or help of a more experienced Co-Hare.
  • Retrace your run several times to sort out any problems and to get the length right.
  • An hour’s run should take about one and a half hours to set.
  • The main aim is to keep the pack together – so plenty “Checks” and “False Trails”.
  • After a Check or False Trail – use 2 arrows. Pick up a trail after a false trail from your last arrow.
  • If there aren’t any footpaths it is safer to set the trail on the right facing oncoming traffic.
  • Avoid busy road if possible. Certainly don’t put Checks and False Trails on busy roads.
  • Use street lights, especially in winter. Always do lots of arrows.
  • In wet weather use poles, the sides of kerbing, sheltered spot under trees etc to mark the trail.
  • Use flour or toilet paper in bush areas.
  • In summer you must have a drink stop.

For the Hounds

  • Keep calling.
  • Try to stay in touch with the pack behind you. Call “ON ON” at every arrow.
  • When checking, get somebody on the check to be responsible for calling you back when the pack goes off in another direction.
  • Keep quiet at check to listen for the "ON ON".