Tail Blazers

No. Runs Numbat
1000 Tippy Toes (Life member)
900 Randy Bubbles
700 Yibbiddee, Cyclone Kneecaps
600 Sticky, Soixante Muff

Elma Fudd, Wandin, Saurass, Udder One, Jabba Jaws


So Help Me, Jag Dag,  Dot Com, Holy Cow, Peanuts, Blue Vein, Not Telling Ya, Speedy, 2 Noice


Eveready, Hangman, La La, Easy, Knickerless, Tsunami, Ping Pong, Carefree, Jiggy Jiggy D-Cup, Two Tits, Legless, Slut Top

How the Numbats Started

Legend has it that the Numbats were started by a pack of disgruntled wives of the SOPH3 Gentleman’s hash. As their husbands made their way out the door every Thursday evening (even though they enjoyed the peace while they were away) they decided that they should have a special night also. Hence the start of SOPH3 Numbats. As the legend goes (because there were no records kept) it is said that the date was 5th September 1990.

South of Perth – First Run – 5th September 1990
Founding members:
• Marcia “Burp” Brown
• Kylie “Bubs” Boyd
• Pauline “Mouse” Blakeman
• Sandra “Mother” Hubbard
• Anne “Jam Tart” Jamieson
• Marlene “Rocky’ Kelly
• Karina “Fleuro” Smith
• Kathy “Motor Mouth” Vost
• Darrylanne “Mrs Mole” Vost