Tail Blazers

No. Runs Numbat
1000 Tippy Toes (Life member)
900 Randy Bubbles
700 Yibbiddee, Cyclone Kneecaps
600 Sticky, Soixante Muff

Elma Fudd, Wandin, Saurass, Udder One, Jabba Jaws


So Help Me, Jag Dag,  Dot Com, Holy Cow, Peanuts, Blue Vein, Not Telling Ya, Speedy, 2 Noice


Eveready, Hangman, La La, Easy, Knickerless, Tsunami, Ping Pong, Carefree, Jiggy Jiggy D-Cup, Two Tits, Legless, Slut Top

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